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Summer season has ended now on August 31st. Now we are ONLY offering FREE walking tours every Saturday at 1:00PM. So please refer to winter schedule from September troughout May 2015.

We depart, as always, on Laekjartorg square, the little green clocktower(see picture and map down the page).

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2014/2015 Winter Schedule!

From September 2014 to May 2015 there will be a FREE walking tour every Saturday at 1:00PM from Lækjartorg square.

Thanks Hlolli, Kevin and Salome :)


Nice Day!


Welcome to our Free Walking Tour - Reykjavik website

We depart twice a day from Laekjartorg Square, 7 days a week. At 12.00 and 14.00.

Our tour guides are university students. We give you the chance to enjoy this informative and fun tour around the old city center of Reykjavik for free. The tour is just over an hour long and if you are satisfied with our tour we welcome you to make a donation to our educational fund. Because we're fully aware that the tips we receive are the best quality feedback we can get. Free Walking Tour – Reykjavik is a private organization and relies on helpful donations.

If you choose not to donate, you're still welcome to enjoy in that case the tour becomes free. The best thing about our tours is that you choose the price for what you think it's worth. All your support no matter how much you choose to donate is very much
welcome :)
Everybody is welcome to join us twice a day for
a nice walk around Reykjavik city center.

Free Tour

In the tour we'll see the Althingi Parliment, Old Cathedral, Church Hallgrimskirkja, City Hall, National Theater, Harpa Symphony Hall to name a few. We'll learn about the Reykjavik's buildings, history, culture, parliament, vikings, folklore, famous people and arts.

Starting Point

We go from the little clock tower on Laekjartorg Square.

Little clock

Click to see the map

Duration of the tour is 60-80 minutes and around 1,5 kilometers (1 mile) of walking.
Level of this tour is EASY and no minimum of guests needed.

Make sure you are dressed according to weather.

It's a nice, fun and educational tour around downtown Reykjavik.
You'll know more about Icelandic culture, history, dining, shopping and entertaining
after our tour. To get more out of this tour, don't be afraid to ask our guide :)


We are happy to do an off-schedule walking tour for groups of any size, any time of the
year. You will be enjoying the same high quality walking tour but with better
flexibility and access to modifications and questions. Each request is different so each price is different.
Price range (depending on group size) is from 10.000ISK(<6 persons) to 25.0000ISK(30+ persons).
(Total group price, NOT per person!)

Ask for availability and book the tour -


Me and my husband are so thankful to Hlolli. It was an easy, informative and fun tour. Five stars from us!
Tina Kilmister, New Zealand

An informative, free tour with a touch of stand-up comedy, to introduce and welcome you to Reykjavik and life in Iceland. Facts about beer and Icelandic politics while you admire the variety of Reykjavik's architecture.
Dorothy Hardy, UK
Thanks for a great tour! It was easygoing, lots of fun and very informative all at the same time, thanks to Hlolli and his great sense of humour.
Tilia Predic, Sweden

I went on the walking tour and it was perfect. I loved the informative talk and walk and was also pleasantly amused and loved the attitude and fun and great vibes of the tour leader. I would recommend anyone new and old to this interesting city to go on this tour. I would give this a 10 thumbs up.
Steve S., USA

Thankyou for our unique tour :-)
Alex, Tiga and Els, UK

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Q: When are the tours and when do they start?
A: My tour are twice a day, 7 days a week durning the summer.
We start at Noon 12.00 and then at 14.00.
Free Walking Tour's summer schedule is from June 1st to August 31st.

Q: Where is the meeting point?
A: It's by the little clock tower at Laekjartorg Square.
You should find this tall guy with the sign. 

Little clock

Click to see the map

Q: Does the guide speaks english?
A: Yes. All of our freewalking tours are in English.
In 2014 we will also start to offer tours in French.
Click here
for more info.

Q: How long the tour take?
A: The tour is around 60-80 minutes long. It only depends on how many people are in
the group. We rather make the tour a little bit longer so everybody can enjoy what they hear and see.

Q: Is it a fast walking tour?
A: No, not at all. It's an easy walk and all ages should enjoy the walk.

Q: Who pays you?
A: Satisfied customers often make a donation or tip us. It's basically up to us to make
the tour good. But if you don't have money or if you don't like our tour then it's
absolutely free.

Q: Do you expect any specific tip amount?
A: No I don't.
There are many people who can't afford to tip me, so for them this is just a great chance to see the city. There is genuinely no pressure on my behalf for people to tip me and therefore it's up to you.

Q: I really liked/disliked this tour, where can I send my review?
A: Please send your review to
Or our tripadvisor page.
Please also include who was your guide for your walking tour.
We appreciate your feedback.

Contact us

General director and english speaking tour guide
Mr. Hlolli Sigurdsson
Mobile: +354 845 2204

English and french speaking city tour guide
Mr. Kevin Quigley
Mobile: +354 782 4728