Welcome to the Free Walking Tour Reykjavik.

By the wharf the city has fallen into a trance,
there, small sheds turn into divine temples.
And above the northern lights dance all night long
in naked glory along the road-less sky.

Tómas Guðmundsson

Free Walking Tour Reykjavik - a guided tour around Reykjavik project started in 2012. Since 2012 we have had thousands of guests from all over the world exploring and enjoying the city. The philosophy has always been; each according this his or her's ability to tip for what each person thinks the service was worth.

We strive to offer highest quality guided city tour where you feel like you miss out on nothing and learn to appreachiate the city of Reykjavik in a new way. Reykjavik is very active cultural city with history dating back to 9th century, our 80-90 minute tour will be packed with information.



Summer Schedule 2016
(JUNE 1st to AUGUST 31st)

We offer a FREE Walking tour EVERY DAY starting 12.00PM and 2.00PM(14.00). NO NEED to sign up or register, just be in time on Lækjartorg square and you will see us standing next to the small green clocktower holding green sign.

Free walking tour season ends 31st of August after that there's no walking tour from 1st September to 31st May.
NO TOUR ON 20th of AUGUST, due to Culture Night


Winter Schedule 2016/2017

To be announced.

Meetup Location

All of our tours depart from very center of Reykjavik, Lækjartorg Square. On the square you will find an historical old clocktower in green colour, this is where you will find our guides standing with a green FreeWalkingTour sign, 5-10 minutes before departure.

Our Guides

Photo of Hlolli Sigurdsson

Hlolli Sigurdsson

Hlolli is the founder of Free Walking Tour Reykjavik and a student of classical composition. Hlolli is passionate about the arts and cultural life in Reykjavik. His interests extends to science, math, programming, history, nordic sagas, astronomy, workers rights, politics and beer tasting. Email: info@freewalkingtour.com

Photo of Mike

Mike Leonard

Mike is a doctoral student at the University of Iceland studying tourism and geography. He is originally from Vermont - a state in the United States that has a surprisingly larger population than Iceland. Mike likes to draw pictures of snails and searching for embassies in capital cities. Ask him about his favourites.

Photo of Bjarni

Bjarni Baldvinsson

Bjarni is a technical engineer and an entertainer. With a passion for music and comedy, he is also a magician. With a passion for the Norse gods and Icelandic herretige as his strong points a good knowlage of the modern culture and philosophy. You will probably learn something fun and new on his tour. Being a fulltime entertainer in Iceland for the last 20 years he brings a certain new and fresh look on Reykjavik and its history.



Group tours/private tours, only in English.